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Spring In C Minor

‘Spring in C Minor’ is an exclusive and special capsule collection of 22/23, a soft prelude of r.l.e House's first “ready-to-wear collection.

Inspired by the designer’s daily thoughts, observations and the film "Call Me by Your Name", the collection hopes to express the “most pure and honest feelings that arise at the beginning of love, awakening alongside self-entanglement”. 

In the initial stages of forming a relationship, we feel an emotional storm; we are surrounded by a mix of shyness, confusion and expectations as we look forward to entanglement with another. Driven by hormones and enjoying the fresh sensory sensation, awakening from the misted inner heart. Those self-fantasies, summer flings and countless temptations at the beginning of the bloom will eventually fade, stained with traces of reality.

In this collection, designer Qixin Zhang hopes to extract a transparent emotional response, embodying the feeling of fresh morning dew; the most primitive human feelings and the most original Love, regardless of gender and age. 


“I knitted a whole garden around the primitive, flowers blooming perpetually at every enchanted moment; I compose it as a slow movement alongside with the wind and rain, “Spring in C Minor”, whispering in your ear.”

Those beautiful and buried words, shy and confused feelings, the most precious love, are the gifts from spring. 








灵感来自于设计师在日常生活中对于“爱意初始时的最纯净的感受和自我纠结、觉醒”的思考以及电影《Call Me by your names》。


我们常常在一段关系的初始时期,我们会被大量的情绪感受所包围,羞涩的,困惑的,纠结的,期待的….看不清自己内心的感受,在荷尔蒙的散发下享受着新鲜的感官感受。那些在朦胧的悸动里的自我幻想和无数次的试探,最终会在时间的长河里像纸张一样变旧,沾染上现实的痕迹和社会性的变化。 而我想提炼出像清晨雨露一样新鲜透明的悸动,人类最原始的情感感受,最原始的爱,不分性别与年龄。



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