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Our Story


r.l.e is a London-born sustainability focused, designer brand founded in 2021 by Chinese designer Qixin (Cici) Zhang. The brand name is inspired from the word ‘rule’ without the letter ‘u’, stands for r.l.e’s unique brand corner: Be Your Most Inner Self.


Drawing on inspiration from Mother Nature and insights from the ego, soul and love, r.l.e has formed its own unique and romantic aesthetic. We challenge the existing definitions and embrace those who express their inner beauty and creative mind amidst the intricate modern society, celebrating their modest yet unwavering presence. r.l.e’s product range includes womenswear, accessories and bags. 




r.l.e aims to shape an entirely new fashion world with a truly evolutionary essence, ensuring that sustainability is rooted in every corner of the brand identity.

In our production chain, we recycle every cut piece of pattern paper and fabric and remake them into brand labels and shopping bags. r.l.e believes that sustainability is not just about wearing an organic t-shirt: it must be a way of life.

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