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r.l.e 是由中国设计师  张祺欣 Qixin (Cici) Zhang 于2021 年创立,总部位于伦敦的设计师品牌。r.l.e的名字来源于英文单词”rule”去掉了里面的字母”u”, 代表着r.l.e不受任何定义束缚,成为无限的自己的品牌宗旨。






r.l.e 将环境保护和可持续发展的理念融入到了浪漫与自由的设计中,从颜色鲜活的纯手工植物染面料,到利用废弃纸张,植物色粉再造纸,收集剪碎的面料制作包装袋以及使用全生物可降解包装,整个设计到生产的过程都是用创新的方式将环境保护贯彻到底。  在我们的生产链中,我们回收每一块裁切的打版纸和面料,并将它们重新制成品牌标签和购物袋。

r.l.e 认为,可持续发展不仅仅是穿着有机棉 T 恤:它必须是一种生活方式。


Drawing on inspiration from Mother Nature and insights from the ego, soul and love, r.l.e has formed its own unique and romantic aesthetic, and conduct a deep understanding of the sustainability practice. In r.l.e production chain, we recycle every cut piece fabric and remake them into r.l.e signature 3D yarns and fabric flowers, and then use them in our accessories design; we also recycle cut off pattern papers, use natural plants dye and hand-make them into new sheets papers, brand labels and envelopes. We believes that sustainability is not just about wearing an organic t-shirt: it must be a way of life.


While expressing the conscious mind of the slow fashion mode within r.l.e, hand-making techniques such as crochet, knitting, couture silk flowers and embroidery are also used in garment and accessories design, allowing for loving touches providing inimitable humanity whilst simultaneously limiting mechanisation and ecological impact. For Zhang, handling the resources the natural world provides carefully, respectfully, and preciously is in-line with a wider spirit of existing in harmony and balance within our world. 


r.l.e places great emphasis on the sensations and connection between the wearer and the garments as clothes are our "second skin” and it carries experiences, sensations, feelings, and memories. Not only choosing the natural fibres, we also process internal sample wearing test firsthand to ensure that every design provides a comfortable, soft, and practical feel and fit. r.l.e collections offer a warm embrace shared between designer and wearer, fostering a serene sanctuary where designer and wearer can pause, reflect, and connect amidst life's moments.


Running through the veins of r.l.e in peaceful circularity, flows a connection, physical and emotional, passed between the atelier and wearer, wearer and the garment, garments and the natural world with a deep sense of harmony and balance, inward and outward, affording and all-encompassing feeling of warmth, security and calm.

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