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Before Bloom



'BEFORE BLOOM' was inspired by the novel of the little prince. This collection features the symbol of the 'rose'. As the rose is presented as a symbol of love and time in this collection, rose elements figure prominently in knit-work, print and label design.

Qixin extracted 'love' and 'Time' as the key elements from the narrative to reflect and investigate them in a deeper way. She created a new sequel from the original story, she turned the rose into the protagonist and set the story background as the rose came the earth to find the little prince.


It is a journey about discovery, about love return to itself, implying that all love moves like a circle. Qixin refers to see the rose as a reflection mirror of love, and also a materialisation of love and time. She wants us know that everything we feel to be special in the world is special because we give it meaning. Therefore, the most special ones are actually ourselves.

'We Are Love'. That's why Qixin chose to use the hand crafted technique to make this whole collection. Every finished item has been carefully cultivated, every item tended like a matchless rose. r.l.e sincerely hopes that clients who purchase this series can find the true meaning of love and experience the healthy bloom of love in their innermost hears.

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