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Jasmine Dress

Jasmine Dress


r.l.e’s SS23 ‘波wave’ collection introduced the first Ready-To-Wear line. Inspired by flowing petals, the concept was to represent the journey of ones emotions. Not every petal is the same size or shape and this reflects the variation of ones emotions throughout life. 


The dress's curve is inspired by the shape of the jasmine flower before it fully blooms. It reperesnts the awakening of ones inner self. The designer explored the relationship between the garment and the wearer so chose to use a soft fabric with slight transparency as it can slightly show the skin. This represents a merge of the dress and the wearer.

  • Highlight

    Linen and silk luxury texture


  • Composition

    Fabric: 85% Linen 15% Silk

    Pleating fabric: 75% Linen 25% Silk

  • Washing care

    Dry Clean Only

  • Size and measurements

    Model is 175.5cm/5'9" and is wearing a size S

    r.l.e accept customized order, design team will follow up the measurements with you after purchase.

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